Swim Session Results, 2015-2016


Congratulations to the following clubs and individuals on their accomplishments during the swim session of the 2015-2016 National Challenge Competition:

Swim Benchmark

Salt Lake Triathlon Club came away with a close win for the first club to reach the swim bench mark. The Atlanta Tri Club was not too far behind.

Individual Swim Winners

  • Male: Alan Voisard - Tri Club San Diego Team 1 - 170.1 miles
  • Female: Annie Hayman - T3 Tampa Tri Team - 130.31 miles

Division Winners

  • Division 1: Triathlon Club of San Diego Team 1 – 17257.40 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 2: Kansas River Valley Triathlon Club - 7033.90 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 3: Black Triathletes Association – 9512.20 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 4: Get Fit Families – 5957.60 (weighted) miles 
  • Division 5: Gulf Coast Multi-Sport – 5181.70 (weighted) miles

The 2015-2016 National Challenge Competition is off to a great start. This year has seen the highest club participation and includes many collegiate clubs too. You can view the December results on the USA Triathlon website under “Results”. Full results will be available on the National Challenge Competition website soon.



Some athletes have reported that the Tri-Replicator app created double entries recently. We contacted the app creator, fellow triathlete Roman Kharkovski, to see what could be happening.

The issue has been corrected, but anyone who used the Replicator to enter results before December 6 may see a double entry on the NCC site. 

Please check your results for duplicate entries and remove them from the site. 

Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by this bug! 


What if I do not use Trainingpeaks, can I still use Tri-Replicator?

Yes! If you do not use Trainingpeaks and log your workouts in Strava, Endomondo, Garmin Connect, RunKeeper, SportTracks, DropBox, RIDE, SmashRun, VeloHero, TrainerRoad, Motivato, Epson RunSense you can still use Tri-Replicator to automatically copy all your swim, bike, run workouts into the USAT NCC site without having to manually enter them every freakin' day. Here is how to do it:

- Keep using whatever system you are using (the list above) to log your workouts (manually or by automatic synch with your training device).
- Open a free account on http://trainingpeaks.com/ You do not have to enter any of your workouts into it. All you need is a free account.
- Register your Trainingpeaks account and the USAT NCC account at http://tri-replicator.mybluemix.net/
- Open this website https://tapiriik.com and enter your Trainingpeaks as well as other account information (say Garmin Connect or other once listed on the home page of this web site) so that replication of your workouts into Trainingpeaks is done for free automatically (they may ask for $3 donation per year).

You are all set! Once you are done with steps above, it may take few hours (in some cases 2 to 3 days) to fully synchronize your favorite logging software with Trainingpeaks and subsequently into USAT NCC site.


Welcome to 2015-2016


Can you believe this is the 10th edition of the National Challenge Competition? It's true - the NCC began in 2006-2007 and here we are in 2015. That's a lot of swimming biking and running. 

New for 2015-2016

Club Reps

Some Club Reps will notice that teams still have last year's athletes on the roster. This is meant to save you time when building your team this year. Delete anyone not returning, but for returning athletes all you need to do is check their contact info. 

You can still add new athletes to your team up to the maximum of 75.

Returning Athletes

Athletes returning from last year should update their profile, mainly by adding a year to the 'age' category. Sorry. You may be fitter than last year but time marches on.


Forget your password from last year? There is a reminder button on the login page. 

Good luck everyone! Let's have another fun and successful "off season" in 2015-2016.


NCC , stats

Triathletes are not lazy by nature, this much we all know to be true. But we also don't like doing more work than we have to, especially when it comes to logging and tracking workouts. 

Pittsburgh Tri Club member and all-around smart guy Roman Kharkovski knows this. So he decided to make life just a bit easier for everyone who uses both Training Peaks and the USAT NCC site. 

The Tri-Replicator is a free product that makes it easy to replicate Training Peaks workouts on the USAT NCC site without having to re-enter everything. Last year 30 people used it (and liked it) and we're happy to make it available again this year. It's really pretty cool.

If you use Training Peaks and want to save time re-entering those workouts into the NCC site then the Tri-Replicator is for you. 

Get the Tri-Replicator here.


Welcome to 2014 - 2015


Hello and welcome and/or welcome back to the USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition (NCC) for 2014-2015. 

If you were here last year you already know the drill, but if this is your first time or if it's your first time as club rep then there are a few "how to" posts from previous years you should have a look at. 

General Info

The best intro is the 5 Things You Need to Know About the NCC.  It covers things like how and when to enter your distances, when sessions are closed to further entries and tips on avoiding errors. 

Admin Rights 

If you are a club rep you should give your athletes the ability to enter and edit their own distances. That is not the default setting so clubb reps need to turn that on for each athlete. See the Giving Athletes Admin Rights post for this info.


If your club has a website (likely) then you can display a widget that tracks your progress right on your own site. It's super easy and it looks pretty cool too. Instructions are in the Widgets! They Have Changed post from last year.


General NCC rules as set by USAT are available too, check the USAT website for the official rules.

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