2011-2012 Bike Session Results

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The results have been verified, the numbers have been crunched. Here now are the official results for the February Bike Session of the 2011-2012 edition of the National Challenge Competition.

Benchmark Winners

The bike session was just like the swim session in that teams went all out to reach the mileage benchmark first. For the bike session that is 7500 miles. Just for the record, on June 11 2011 an asteroid passed within 7500 miles of the earth and it barely made the news.

First to reach the 7500 mile mark: Cyclonaut Multisport Club of Agawam MA on January 10th. Congratulations to them for putting the hammer down early and keeping it there. Have a look at their team stats page to see just how they piled up the bikes miles, day by day.

Here are all teams to reach the 7500 mile mark, in order: 

  1. Jan 10: Cyclonaut Multisport, Agawam MA
  2. Jan 11: DC Tri Club Team 1, Washington DC
  3. Jan 14: Kansas River Valley Tri Club, Wichita KS
  4. Jan 17: Alaska Tri Club White Wabid Wabbits, Anchorage AK
  5. Jan 18: Hammerhead Tri Club Team 1, Jacksonville FL
  6. Jan 19: Louisville Landsharks, Louisville KY
  7. Jan 25: Boulder Tri Club, Boulder CO
  8. Jan 27: Pittsburgh Tri Club, Pittsburgh PA
  9. Jan 28: Northwest YMCA Tri Club, Irmo SC
  10. Jan 31: Harftord Area Extended Triathletes, Hartford CT

Overall Bike Winner

Cyclonaut Multisport, Agawam MA with 23,748.37 miles


Divisional Winners


Division 1

Cyclonaut Multisport, Agawam MA - 23,748.37 miles

Division 2

Kansas River Valley Tri Club, Wichita KS - 16,211.62 miles

Division 3

Fredericksburg Tri Club, Fredericksburg VA - 4,924.47 miles

Division 4

Northwest YMCA Tri Club, Irmo SC - 8,546.95 miles

Division 5

Women of Steel, Auburn IN - 4,437.14 miles

Individual Winners

On the men's side, David Bowne of Jet City Tri annihilated the competition for a second consecutive year, riding to a convincing win with 3,919.19 miles. Now that you've picked your jaw up off the floor we can confirm that those miles are indeed for real and have been verified. Congratualations David!

On the women's side, Mary Guertin of Cyclonaut Multisport rode away with the title with a total of 1,709.2 miles. That was almost 500 miles ahead of her closest competitor. 

All the final results are also available on the bike session standings. 

More Stats

All the numbers you don't really need, but might find interesting anyway.

Active* Men: 802

Active* Women: 635

*Active means athletes with results.


Total Bike Miles, Men: 177,063.71

Total Bike Miles, Women: 114,771.01


Average Bike Miles, Men: 220.78

Average Bike Miles, Women: 180.74


Total Bike Miles, Everyone: 291,834.72

Average Bike Miles, Everyone: 203.09


Total All Miles, Men: 232,091.75

Total All Miles, Women: 153,805.18

Total All Miles, Everyone: 385,896.93


Average All Miles, Men: 289.39

Average All Miles, Women: 242.21

Average All Miles, Everyone: 268.54


Day with highest bike miles: January 7 - 18,382.03 miles by 527 athletes = 34.88 miles per athlete

Day with most riders: January 1 - 1208 athletes, 13,846 miles = 11.46 miles per athlete

Day with longest average ride: January 31, 504 athletes, 18,026.06 miles = 35.77 miles per athlete


And of course let's thank all of the generous sponsor who have provided prizes for the winners: 

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