A New Way to Correct Mistakes

NCC , mileage

Hey, we all make mistakes. If you've entered your mileage incorrectly you should be able to correct it quickly and easily, right? 

As of today, correcting mileage entry errors just got a lot easier. For small errors you can still just make an additional entry to correct your error, but we've seen some really BIG errors this year and those are the ones that are harder to correct. 

For those big errors (over 100 miles) it's easier to just zero out the incorrect entry and re-enter the correct amount. If you find yourself in this situation you can do just that by going to the Show My Results page and following the instructions there.

Right now this is for athletes only but Club Reps will have this capability very soon. 

UPDATE: club reps can now also delete mileage entries.

The path is Login > Summary > Select Athlete > Select the entry to delete (by clicking the date) > Click the big scary button that says Delete this Entry.

This will come in handy if someone enters a big negative number (we've had reports of this happening spontaneously, but I've been unable to replicate this behavior) and then goes away on vacation.


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