Are You a Hoarder?

NCC , mileage

hoardAre you a hoarder? No, not like those poor souls on TV who fill their houses with junk, or cats, or clothes. Are you a mileage hoarder? Do you swim bike or run a week or a month's worth of miles and then wait until the last day to enter them all? And do you just dump all your miles into a single entry?

If this describes your mileage entry habits, then the 99% of athletes who enter their miles as they swim/bike/run them would like you to please stop doing that

it only takes a couple of minutes to login and enter your miles, especially when you can enter one of each type of workout simultaneously. This makes for a more accurate picture of team and individual standings as we go through each session. It also makes for a much prettier mileage graph on your individual athlete stats page. 

So unless you want the NCC TV crew to show up unannounced at your next workout, please enter your miles as you go. You'll feel so much better if you do.


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