End of Swim Session - News for Athletes

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Since this is the first year that everyone is entering their own miles, here is a bit of important information that in previous years only club reps needed to know. 

Each session ends at midnight on the last day of the month. However, as in the past we will be keeping things open for an additional 48 hours to give everyone time to enter their results. This was necessary when one person was entering miles for an entire club, and although it may not be quite as necessary this year we are still going to give everyone that extra time. 

The Swim Session officially ends at midnight on December 31. At that time everyone should get out of the pool and get some champagne. Athletes (and club reps for those still logging miles the old fashioned way) will then have until midnight on January 2 to enter all of their miles for December.

If you visit the site on January 1st or 2nd without logging in, you will see that the current session will show the Bike Session. You won't see any miles yet for anyone, so don't panic. If you log in to enter your miles it will still show as the Swim Session and any miles entered must have been accumulated during December.

You will not be able to enter any miles for January until January 3rd. After that you will not be able to log any more miles for December, so please make sure you get everything in before then. 

Please tell your fellow clubmates to read this post! 

Happy Holidays everyone.

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