Swim Session Results... Are Coming Soon

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So now the Swim session is over and everyone is focused on putting in the miles on the bike, or trainer if you happen to live in bike-unfriendly climate. Of course everyone is looking forward, but what about the official results of the first session?

They're coming.

The Officially Sanctioned by USA Triathlon Results and Standings for the National Challenge Competition 2011-2012 Swim Session (or OSUSATRSNCC20112012SS for those who like acronyms) cannot be computed until all team rosters have been finalized. Club reps have all been contacted about making sure all athletes are USAT members in good standing, and the rules clearly state that only USAT members can participate, or at least have their miles count towards the team totals. 

Once the rosters are complete and any non-member athletes' mileage has been 'recalculated' (ie. removed) then we can see who won the session. 

Until then, the UN-official results are available via the Swim Standings page, but be aware that some numbers could change. 

Full results plus other statistics in mind-boggling detail will be available on the site as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, happy biking!

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