Welcome to 2011-2012

It's only November 3 and the competition won't be officially under way for another four weeks, but the early birds are already registering and putting together their teams. A couple of major changes have been introduced for 2011-2012 with the aim of making the National Challenge Competition even better than previous years. All rule changes are outlined in the Official Rules on the USA Triathlon website, but one change in particular is not really a rule change at all.

Athletes Can Enter Their Own Mileage

Based on feedback from last year we've implemented a new feature in the mileage entry process. In the past only official club reps (one per club) could enter mileage. That's a lot of work for one person if they belong to a large team. 

This year we still have one club rep per club, but each rep can now enable any athlete on their team to enter their own mileage. Club reps can still enter miles for any and all of their athletes too, but this should reduce their workload.

How Does it Work?

Club reps this is for you: after logging in, go to the Manage Your Team page. Add your team members as in previous years first. Once you have entered an athlete and they are on your roster, select them from the list on the Manage Your Team page. 

On the next page there is space for updating the athlete's profile information and next to that you'll see "Allow athlete to enter own mileage". Put the athlete's correct email address in the box provided, hit the confirm button and you're done. An email will go to the athlete with their login username and password.

Athletes are only able to enter their own miles, nobody else's. 

This is not mandatory, remember. If you prefer to have one person do the mileage entry for everyone you can still do that. This sometimes works better for the smaller clubs. It's up to you.

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